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A Guide to the Bali Property Market: A Four-Part Series on Investing in Bali's Real Estate Market

Bali's stunning natural beauty and popularity as a tourist destination have made it an attractive location for real estate investment. With a growing number of new residents from across the globe and a thriving tourism industry, investing in Bali's real estate market has become an increasingly popular topic. Government initiatives to attract more foreign residents including various visa options, such as the new 5 and 10 year second home visas, have renewed the spotlight on Bali's property market. Long gone are the days when Bali was seen just as a tourist destination. It is now evolving to become a sought-after location for long-term travelers and those seeking to establish a permanent base, particularly as remote work becomes more common. This shift in demographics is driving a new wave of growth in Bali's real estate market.

But is buying property in Bali a good investment? To help you determine if investing in Bali is the right choice for you, we have created a 4-part guide series where we will help you understand the property ownership rights of foreigners in Indonesia and explore the dynamics of the Bali real estate market, including the factors that affect returns on a Bali property investment. We will also review the key Bali locations you should know about, look at how the locations are recovering since Indonesia reopened its borders post the COVID-19 pandemic and evaluate current villa rental occupancy rates and day rates.

Unfortunately, there is no formal data collection or a central database on property sales transactions in Bali so we will use analysis of rental data as a proxy for evaluating the whole property market. The data we use is sourced from AirDNA which pulls data from Airbnb so hotels and resorts are excluded from our analysis.

Part 4: Bali Villa Rental – Analysis of Occupancy Rates and Day Rates (coming soon)


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