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About Bali

Bali is a Hindu-majority province in Indonesia. 


The island, nicknamed “The Island of the Gods", is one of the most popular destinations in the world, renowned for its rich culture and arts, spectacular mountain sceneries, tropical beaches, waterfalls and diverse landscapes.


Number 1 tourist destination, 2017 and 2021


4th Best place to live and invest, 2019

BBC Travel

World’s best Island

International Monetary Fund 

2018 Annual Meeting

The World Bank

2018 Annual Meeting

G20 Summit 

2022 Annual Meeting 

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A place of traditions and modernity

Bali offers a unique fusion of tradition and contemporary conveniences.


Visitors can enjoy an increasing wide array of restaurants, bars, and luxury accommodations while also immersing themselves in the rich Balinese arts and cultural traditions.

A diverse and vibrant community

Bali attracts people from all over the world as both tourists and new residents.


The historically tourist market is evolving as more people relocate to the Island, seeking a more balanced lifestyle and taking advantage of the remote working trend.

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A Resilient and fast-growing property market

Bali is a unique property market with less sensitivity to the effects of interest rates, as properties are typically purchased without mortgages. This reduces the number of sell-offs during economic crises creating a robust property market.


In the past decade, developments have expanded along the coast of the Island, driven by a rising population of new residents and continued rapid growth in tourism. 

About Indonesia

         largest democracy in the world


      most populous nation in the world

          largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity

5th largest economy in the world by 2030

5th best county to start a business, 2022 

Upgrade to upper-middle income country, 2021


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